Do you have a dog that is ALWAYS eating the cat food, or multiple cats and one cat dominates ALL food bowls?? This could be your answer… It’s a smart pet feeder! How can you possibly control all the animals and who does what? It’s actually pretty easy. The feeder will only open for the right pet, keeping cats, dogs, and even children out of your pet’s food.

Control When And Who Eats The Cat Food

How does it work? When a registered pet approaches the feeder, the lid slides open, allowing them to eat. When they are finished and they have walked away, the lid closes, keeping everyone else out. This feeder is pretty amazing as it can be programmed for up to 32 pets. That’s great for breeders and if necessary, you can have more than one so multiple animals can eat at the same time from different feeders. It is also very helpful for a pet on a special diet from your other pets. Especially if medication is mixed with their food. Check out the video to learn more about this meal time problem solver…


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