Kitten are so cute to watch but kitten dinner time  can get especially funny until something like this happens.  It’s no doubt young kittens can be easily distracted from the task at hand.  Could the family dog be to blame in this scenario?

Does Your Kitten Dinner Time Go Something Like This?

What about family comradery? I thought comradery was simply built into the genes – or at least it was in my family. Why wouldn’t it be the same for cat families?  Or is just the simple expression of the family “bully” acting out. Watch and at a certain point in the video you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I love the serving dishes used for this special feline family and how they are arranged.  Could something different be done to keep things like this from happening? What type health issues could flare up as a result of this happening consistently?

Please share you comments and suggestions below.  All our readers can certainly learn from each other on this wonderful journey with a special furry pets.

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