Trinity Faith's Baby Duchess

Our favorite “Cat Princess” of all time, Miss Trinity Faith Moran, received a wonderful surprise from a total stranger and we wanted to share it with you now.  This tiny Persian princess she named Duchess gave her such joy.  Well, you can watch our reaction for yourself.

Our Favorite Cat Lady Receives Persian Duchess

Hi friends… I know I haven't been on in a while. Been taking care of Trin and constantly praying and seeking the Lord and her miracle. So many of you know her only wish for Christmas was a precious yet very expensive and hard to find purebred kitten. God is so good and he sent an angel into our lives with a few friends and within just a couple days, Trinity's wish came true!!! It is no question that God orchestrated this. We didn't even know the person that bought her baby for her but they and the others involved are now a special part of our lives. This is the video of Trin seeing her baby for the first time after the angel drove many hours to bring her to us…

Posted by Kimberly Trinity's Moma Persichitte on Friday, December 23, 2016

Trinity Faith stepped into eternity with Jesus February 28, 2017, with Duchess by her side and all her other cats and dogs and Mom and sister and friends and family.  Please, pray for the family at this difficult time.

Trinity Faith’s Miracle:

Thank you for writing this Rebecca Persichitte Alderman. This speaks what my heart feels.

Trinity Faith’s Miracle

On the 20th month from the diagnosis, the 28th day of February at 7:45 pm, Trinity Faith stepped into the literal presence of her Savior – into the arms of Jesus – totally healed in glorious splendor – totally free to dance, sketch and run with her kittens to play.

That is not a cliche statement expressing away her desired healing for this side of heaven. That is not Christianese verbiage to skirt around God’s intention to heal Trinity. It is ALWAYS God’s heart to heal – and healed she is – in a far greater reality indeed.

Everyone who prayed in faith, even the youngest child who prayed for Trinity, needs to know that every spoken word of faith for Trinity was answered in the fullest extent of God’s miraculous power, grace and mercy. Beyond our wildest imagination, Trinity is enjoying life to an extent not realized or even possible here on earth. Oh yes, God does not waste even one single prayer of faith.

Heaven became real to Trinity years ago when she asked Jesus into her heart to be her Savior. She wanted to know for sure she would enter heaven when she left this earth. Heaven became more real to Trinity months ago when she began having visions and experiences with Jesus in heaven.

When your relationship to Christ moves from a choice to know Him as your eternal Savior to daily commitment to focus on Him no matter what you’re going though – to encounters with His Majesty and purpose for your life – to frequent experiences with Him while here on earth – this is when heaven and all its Splendor and Majesty and Power become a part of your existence.

Why was Trinity so strong? Every prayer of faith spoken on her behalf caused heaven and her relationship with Him to be more real, more intimate, more sustaining. The prayers of the saints surrounding Trinity enabled her to continue to draw from the endless Peace within her, no matter how she felt, so she could concentrate on Her Master’s joy over her.

Trinity had visions of her garden in heaven and laughing as Jesus pushed her on a swing through the wind. She laughed as she felt the water splash from the playful moments with Jesus in the River of Life. She could hear the angels singing through hours of listening to melodic tones, even when she didn’t have her ear plugs on.

And what was described by her doctor to her mom as a violent death to occur from the diseases that wracked her physical body, was swallowed up within a single gaze into another beautiful vision. The look on Trinity’s face recognized something familiar on the other side that brought surprise and delight with her final breath – and she was there – forever.

Every prayer opened heaven more for Trinity. Every prayer surrounded her with a peaceful, “heavenly” reality she could focus on instead of the discomfort. Every prayer was needed. Every prayer was vital.

Trinity received the ultimate healing from a good God who loves us all so much. Yes, God wanted to heal Trinity on this side of heaven to bring others to Him from around the world but that can still happen as you tell her story. It is always God’s heart to love and heal but He gives us all free will to make choices – even those that aren’t His perfect will for us. However, even though His hand is tied to do all He desires this side of heaven, His mercy reigns and His heaven is always the ultimate prize for us all.

Bottom line, as Christians, we always win the prize no matter which way things go. We will definitely miss her and that gorgeous smile she maintained through even the most challenging moments. The impact she has had on countless others in her short few years will live on in the lives of those who prayed for her and even those who witnessed from a distance His grace she carried.

It’s time now for you to continue to pray for the family as they grieve as Christians, in the joy of the Lord, and as the Holy Spirit leads them in proportioned waves of grief so they are not destroyed by such a great loss.

It’s also time for you to continue your relationship with God to have your own visions of heaven – not that you will be going anytime soon – but that you can pick up the baton Trinity has passed on to you, in the race of sharing His goodness to the world around you.


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