It’s no secret that cats are the most popular animals on the internet but Snoopy is one of a kind. When he was about 2 years old, his owner started posting pictures of him. The photos were really just to show her friends and it was a big surprise to see all the attention Snoopybabe was getting from all over. She started to get more creative with his pictures and videos by dressing him in clothing and accessories and putting him in different poses. He soon reached the same popularity level as already well-established felines such as Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) and Lil Bub.

Snoopybabe The Internet Sensation…

Snoopybabe has even joined his fellow cat celebrities being featured on numerous social platforms. He has been placed with Grumpy Cat in several internet memes playing off of each others trademark features.¬†Snoopybabe even has his own Facebook page, where his avid fans can browse through dozens of cute photos. Check him out in this adorable video…



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